Elliot George

Thursday, November 2 2017 at 7:30PM

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29-41 Bedford Street,


Elliot George

What's the talk about?

Remember when airliner MH370 disappeared?  Experts on the news said, "Until we have some kind of evidence, it's very difficult to say anything".  Similarly, until evidence for a God arrives, the default position of no evidence for a god remains in place. Some people claim that there is a god, but we are currently in a situation of ignorance regarding their god-hypothesis.  So mankind is in a god-free zone where god has not yet been demonstrated to exist. In fact there has naver been any credible evidence for the existence of any god (unlike MH370, the exitence of which was once very evident), so we must have always been god-free in the past. We are also fairy-free and goblin-free.

Of course if someone does invent a way of investigating this "supernatural realm", it will instantly become part of the natural realm simply by virtue of having been newly detected! [Believers] won't want that to happen, it would be the end of the "supernatural god", wouldn't it. A boring natural god with influence in our world?

This is where "Intelligent Design" comes in.  Members will probably remember the case put forward last year by Jonathan McLatchie.

Evidence for a god with influence in the natural world?  If religious people have found, as they claim, that there is evidence of god's work on earth then it can be examined by non-believers.  Intelligent Design has been examined extensively by non-believers and the result will be presented on Thursday.

Elliot George is the pen-name of a retired science teacher living in the UK.  He writes anti-theistic articles and books in an attempt to help people shake off harmful myths.  His books are available through www.patreon.com where you can also contribute to his writing by becoming a Patron.