A Double Bill

Alan Peyton & Vincent Richardson/Paul Duncan McGarrity

Thursday, September 7 2017 at 7:30PM

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29-41 Bedford Street,


Alan Peyton & Vincent Richardson/Paul Duncan McGarrity

What's the talk about?

Since money was invented there have been many ways to use it and try to control it to the benefit of all, sometimes.   Whichever way has been chosen it has seemingly led to cycles of boom and bust and many instances of inflation, deflation, corruption and fraud.  Banks tend to lend money so that assets can be bought (such as housing) whilst neglecting areas of true growth with more risk.  Economics recognises the frailties of the current system but seems completely helpless in finding any changes needed that haven't been tried before.  What can be done?

Alan Peyton and Vincent Richardson are at the forefront of a movement that has some ideas about what can be done and will both be here to explain Positive Money.


Vincent Richardson


Systems and Management BSc with honours at City University London,

2 years retail management with the Littlewoods organisation;

11 years running own retail business;

21 years running a hotel;

5 years supporting/running Positive Money organisation in the North East.


Vincent has always had a keen interest in economics since his days at University. After the 2008 crash he experienced first hand the hardships that bank-led recessions can cause businesses and the wider society. Researching the problem he discovered Positive Money who impressed him with their analysis of the circumstances leading to the crash and more importantly had positive solutions as to how we can stop it happening again,which undoubtedly will happen at some point. He was so motivated as to want to become an active supporter and help educate others as to what happened and how we can put this right.


Alan Peyton

BSc Mech Engineering 1970

Open University BA degree in 1978 (interdisciplinary but mainly science based with emphasis on Geology)


Alan worked in engineering until 1988 when he had his first interface and confrontation with the finance industry, resulting from deregulation of that sector.  He switched to Business Analysis & Consultancy after an MBA in 1990 and gained a Common Entrance qualification in Law in 1991.  After extensive work in dealing with banks & finance he eventually retired in 2008.

He was NOT to blame for the crash – the timing was merely coincidental!

Paul Duncan McGarrity - Ask an Archeologist

Our special guest comedian arrives fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe.  His show does what it says in the title.  Paul sits in front of an audience of Skeptics and answers questions.  Most audiences tend to ask about work in the field but other questions have been on Brexit, Time travel and knitting patterns.

Woven around these queries Paul dishes the dirt on what really goes on in the trenches.  Topics covered include the dating techniques of Vikings, the awkward truth behind the death of Richard III and Shakespeare's laddish side.