What Shall We Do With Wild Animals?

Graham Smith

Thursday, August 2 2018 at 7:30PM

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29-41 Bedford Street,


Graham Smith

What's the talk about?

This is event will be in a new format to us, a conversation led by an expert in his field but involving everyone at the meeting.

There is a recognition that bio-diversity is crucial to the health of the planet and to the wellbeing of humanity.  However re-wilding those parts of the World where it is possible is not straight-forward and many mistakes have been made.  Where top predators have been reintroduced around the World the clash with humans has been eventful.

It is also known that the spread of wild animal breeds can be problematical in areas where agriculture is dominant.  For instance badgers are doing very well in the UK currently but are suspected of being the carriers of TB that infects cattle on farms.

This will be a subject dear to the heart of many Skeptics and although Graham will help steer the discussion, this is mainly about members getting their chance to speak.

All are welcome and everyone will get a chance to put across their view.

Come and join us.