Friday, April 20 2018 at 7:00PM

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61 Wilson St,


What's the talk about?

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Social Night - This is the first of what we hope will be regular social nights for those critical thinkers who would like to meet like-minded people and have a chat.

This time we will be discussing Sam Hogarth's recent talk at O'Connells Pub about the need for continued Skeptical thinking in the modern age.

We will be having a particular focus on the way that courses are being introduced into our higher and further education establishments that seem to be based on pseudo-science, wishful thinking and quackery rather than on rational, evidence-backed subjects. 

As students are paying huge sums for their education it seems that courses are being commoditised and advertised to suit "customer choice".  We believe Universities and colleges are not supermarkets and any choice should be made between courses that have a firm foundation in reality.  But how can we find out what is happening?  If we find a course with no merit, what can we as outsiders do about it?  Let's find out.

No subject is taboo.  Any suggestions for the SitP will be listened to.  All welcome.