A Panel Discussion


Thursday, November 1 2018 at 7:30PM

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29-41 Bedford Street,



What's the talk about?

Recent headlines have indicated that Universities (and associated Journals) appear to be struggling with keeping up standards of academia in many areas.  News of fraudulant data, cherry-picked results, unsupported conclusions and weak peer-review seem to be increasing as more Universities are founded and existing Universities continue to expand.

In addition, academic theory being used to make changes in society are often revealed to cite papers that have no real evidence base.  Post-modernist attitudes towards reality have gained sway in many faculties, espeically in the USA and political standpoints set up as a result are gaining strength on campuses.  

When expertise is ridiculed and dismissed and education is treated with suspicion are Universities still the last bastion of excellence in enquiry?  If not then where are the sources of information that can be relied upon?  If Universities are starting to move away from evidence-based reality then which organisations are left that will fill the gap, if any?  

Angelos Sofocleus and Andy Dean have been involved in some of these issues recently and will lead a discussion on where we are in Universities and what can be done about it.  Requests for the Universities themselves to come and speak about this have so far not produced a response but we are hoping to have at least one more person on the panel before the night.

Everybody will get a chance to have their say on the night so come along and join in.