Glen Carrigan

Thursday, November 6 2014 at 7:30PM

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29-41 Bedford Street,

Glen Carrigan

What's the talk about?

Glen is a Neuropsychology Researcher at the University of Central Lancashire specialising in moral psychology, youth engagement and with an interest in all things science! Coming from a military background – where still non-religious personnel struggle to be recognised - Glen’s interest in psychology and morality was piqued when living and working in Afghanistan, Pakistan and many other nations after experiencing myriad world views, different group behaviours and the strife that often results when they clash. It is therefore his passionate aim to usher in a more enlightened form of thinking where equality as a species, compassion and consequentialism help to uplift us in place of tribalism, religious moral absolutism, and the wanton disregard for the scientific facts that humans have so far revealed in this a beautiful and rich universe.

This is an introduction to a morality where God is not at its centre. Using the 4 S’s of science, skepticism, sarcasm and satire whilst employing neuropsychological research and a humanistic world view, we’ll look at what the alternatives are to a pious moral code and why people and groups might make the decisions they do.   We will seek to highlight that the debate about morality should not be conducted in a vacuum but should take place in the real world and focus on understanding how our actions affect our fellow creatures, rather than desperately trying to cling to ancient axiomatic standards and justify them with scriptural tenets that many today rightfully find inadequate and may in fact have lead us to develop a socially acceptable sense of moral blindness.

Most recently Glen has aided in the development of a new Brain Imaging Lab (Electroencephalograph) at UCLan, a facility that features heavily in his research. Other talks have included presenting Genetics and Neuropsychology at The Big Bang hosted by Liverpool’s World Museum combining sweets, DNA extraction and cortical slices; sounds tricky and gruesome but it’s all risk assessed, no really! Further public engagement activities centre on teaching children through interactive classes to appreciate team work, higher education and the importance of science and critical thinking in the modern world. In addition Glen has blogged and taken part in political and social activism: reform section 5, equal marriage, no to gender segregation and recently highlighting from a personal point of view, how under-represented non-believers are in the UK Armed Forces.

This talk is free and open to the Public (donations for expenses gratefully accepted).  It is a 5 minute walk from the train or bus stations and there is ample free parking outside the pub. Please register your intention to attend here: