An Expert-Led Discussion

Myles Power

Thursday, January 3 2019 at 7:30PM

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29-41 Bedford Street,

Myles Power

What's the talk about?

Myles Power recently passed the 100,000 subscription mark on Youtube where his excellent skeptical videos cover a huge number of different subjects and he is a veteran of social media, involved since the very start.

In recent years he has also suffered the dark side of social media with anonymous trolls, malicious campaigns and attempts to stop his work on behalf of skeptics everywhere being broadcast.

Myles will lead a discussion on the ideas behind social media. its development, changes, crises and where it appears to be heading in the future.

The discussion will include technology, data protection, the influence of advertising, politics, freedom of expression and much else.  However the conversation can range anywhere within reason and I know some in the group have some strong opinions on this subject.  Everyone will get a chance to speak.

We also hope to be able to garner some ideas for our own SitP organisation and its development.

Happy New Year all.