Ian Glendinning - Leads Discussion

Thursday, February 7 2019 at 7:30PM

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29-41 Bedford Street,


Ian Glendinning - Leads Discussion

What's the talk about?

All debate on any topic is seemingly contentious (and public!) There is a sense that all positions are polarised (and popularised!) - and becoming ever more so? People for or against specific positions; many arguing from highly principled “social justice warrior” perspectives.

Even – maybe especially for this audience – when simply putting the objective scientific record straight in the face of interested / subjective / rights & freedoms / irrational / ill-informed / superstitious / religious / conspiracy positions.

What makes for a good argument? How do you know if your discourse has even got to first-base? We will air some topics that may seem alien – post-modern, politically correct - to an objective, scientific audience of skeptics? 

Ian Glendinning has been an engineer all of his 40 year working life, with classic geeky, physical science, atheist-but-cultural-Christian background. Most of that career was in aerospace, energy, process, oil & gas and construction, focussing latterly on related information systems and technologies.

With that increasing focus on information, For almost 2 decades Ian has been researching epistemology . That is “what, why and how do we know” (anything) about the physical world. That full time hobby has inevitably led through many areas of metaphysics and philosophy concerning existence generally (ie ontololgy).

Ian’s main interest is memetics – the processes by which knowledge and ideas (and anything else for that matter) evolve and spread. Exchange of information in human dialogue is a very significant part of that.