Brian Eggo

Thursday, September 5 2019 at 7:30PM

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29-41 Bedford Street,

Brian Eggo

What's the talk about?

 As the rewards of fame and fortune increase, so does the dedication and desperation of those in the sporting world who will do whatever it takes to win.

Science is playing an ever-increasing role in the march towards maximising our athletic potential.  

Unfortunatley, wherever science goes, quackery is never far behind.

Brian Eggo is the main organiser and primary mouthpiece of Glasgow Skeptics.  As such he has an unhealthy interest in the equally amusing and frustrating realms of woo and pseudoscience.

This has caused him to spend way too much of his own money on the type of things he encourages other people not to spend their money on.

He occasionally dabbles in skeptical activism when prompted and has been known to make some awful puns on podcasts. 

His day job is in training and development and that explains a lot!

O'Connells is on Bedford Street and there are parking spaces outside on the road.  If they are full Baker street always has some space, next street along.  We are a five minute walk from the bus station and 15 minutes from the railway station.

Entrance is free but kind donations towards expenses is always welcome.