Thursday, October 3 2019 at 7:30PM

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29-41 Bedford Street,


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ASH PRYCE: PAA Special edition of the Spooky 👻 Magic 🧙 show comes to Teesside. 'Fraidy cats and brave souls 😱 welcome for unsettling paranormal illusions from Edinburgh Horror 🧟 Festival Sell Out seance 💀 magician Ash Pryce

"...unique and original ...a clever and well crafted show" - World Magic Review, Edinburgh Fringe 2019

“★★★★★ If you want to see something truly amazing... this is the man to show you.“ – Bunbury magazine

"Leicester's answer to Derren Brown" - BBC Leicester

Edinburgh Horror Festival Sell Out Act 2016, 2017, 2018


ACT ONE: "Ash Pryce - Paranormal Illusionist" is the brand new show from Edinburgh Horror Festival Sell Out Performer Ash Pryce. Fresh off of a full run of the Edinburgh Festival, with almost 30 productions at the world famous Fringe behind him.

Step into the psychic's parlour for an experience with the supernatural, the paranormal, things that go BUMP in the night as you take part in a series of mind twisting demonstrations drawing on psychic super powers, spirit communication and the Seance.

Combining psychic phenomena, ESP and spirit communication with stage mentalism, and theatre, the show will skirt the edges of what is real and what is on the other side of the veil.

This is a theatrical magic show - if we do summon demons during the course of the show, we cannot be held responsible for possessions. Please clean up any ectoplasm brought up in fright...

ACT TWO: In the second half, exclusively for skeptic groups, Ash will be looking back over the history of Spiritualism by highlighting some of the most famous tricksters, legal cases and exposures of the Golden Age of Spiritualism. Ash will talk about a history of Spiritualism, mediumship and the role it played in helping create his own area of performance – mentalism. New material looking at the areas that his show 'How to Talk to the Dead' didn't have time to fit in!

Thursday, October 3 2019 at 7:30PM
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Skeptics In The Pub Teesside:

Further Information:

One of the most common ways of engaging with Spiritualism in its heyday was an intimate parlor session. Just you, the medium, and a few other select attendees. Ash Pryce’s show Paranormal Illusionist, in this sense, is simply picked up and moved from a parlor to the side room of an only slightly busy bar off an only slightly busy street. But even though the masses of Fringe attendees haven’t found it yet – and fair, it was only day one of performances- Paranormal Illusionist delivers an interesting and well-wrought experience.

Exclusivity isn’t the only thing this show has in common with a genuine Spiritualist experience. Pryce has a lot of knowledge to impart about Spiritualist practices, and all of it accurate, with no unnecessary sensationalism. He is demonstrably aware that Spiritualism is compelling on it’s own, if the audience gets to see it happening in their own hands. The illusions of Pananormal Illusions all involve audience participation, but, a comfort to the wary, all of this participation is lowkey and comfortable to take part in. The audience members enjoy getting to interact with each part as much as they do getting to observe them, and are treated with respect from their illusionist for their trouble.

Participating in the show also makes the audience even more aware of Pryce’s skill as a magician (for of course that is what most successful Spiritualists were, magicians telling you one extra lie). Thanks to the strength of his theme, Pryce was able to do magic tricks that come off as unique and original because they are encased in a overarching story, even if that isn’t completely so. And with these tricks, he performs smoothly, keeping his attendee’s attention exactly where he wants it.

Paranormal Illusionist hasn’t found all of it’s audience yet, but when they find it they will find a clever and well crafted show, as educational as it is enjoyable.