Teesside Skeptics

Thursday, August 1 2019 at 7:30PM

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29-41 Bedford Street,


Teesside Skeptics

What's the talk about?

This is something we haven't done at a meeting for some time. 

The format has everybody given a chance to chip in with what they know and what they think about a subject.  A subject of your own choice is written on a card and added to the hat.  The subject drawn from the hat gets a 10-minute discussion on each table and a one-minute summary by a volunteer speaker or one chosen by the table.  (no restrictions on the use of smartphones to gather information).

  • Some ideas for a subject that could be chosen: 
  • Should Social Media Companies restrict the spread of pseudo-science and quackery?
  • Who can claim to be a  "Doctor"?
  • Should Skeptics be activists?
  • Should we hold a Northeast Skeptics Conference?
  • What is "acceptable" evidence when promoting skepticiam?

Of course you will probably be able to think of something more interesting that grabs your attention.

Looking forward to some lively sessions.


Please be aware that the carpark over the road from O'Connell's is a private car park patrolled by a very keen person on commission.  There will be free parking spaces on Bedford Street or Baker street for drivers.