Helen Pluckrose

Thursday, February 6 2020 at 7:30PM

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29-41 Bedford Street,


Helen Pluckrose

What's the talk about?

Universities in the UK and the USA in particular have had very popular courses for many years involved in the grievances felt by minority groups and women in democratic societies.  These are being studied in a way that moves on from standard philosophy, sociology and politics to a new way of explaining and broadcasting those grievances.  Academic Journals have published many studies in this area and are having an influence on modern developments in establishments and the media.

Helen Pluckrose is the editor of Areo Magazine - a digital magazine focused on humanism, politics and culture.

She has a background in late medieval and early modern religious writing and took part in the grievance studies probe with James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian. Her forthcoming book with James Lindsay is entitled "Cynical Theories" and looks at the evolution of postmodern thought.