Jonathon McLatchie

Thursday, April 7 2016 at 7:30PM

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29-41 Bedford Street,

Jonathon McLatchie

What's the talk about?


There are various sources for a description of the idea of
"Intelligent Design".  A good place for Skeptics to start their
research in this area is Wikipedia in that the description there
has a very thorough list of references both to support and rebut
the hypothesis.  For research into Intelligent Design by its
proponents another site to look at would be the Discovery Institute.

Description, Jon McLatchie states:

"There are few topics as contentious and divisive as the question of our origins: Are we the result of the blind and purposeless outworking  of nature, or are we here as the result of the purposeful intent of an intelligent agent? Most people have heard about the approach taken to biological origins known as Intelligent Design.

But with conflicting messages and frequently false representations by the media, people are often left unsure what to think. In this presentation, doctoral student Jonathan McLatchie seeks to clarify and illuminate the key bones of contention that are live in the debate, dispel popular misconceptions about the theory, and answer the most frequent objections. Whatever your current opinion on this topic, this promises to be a challenging and stimulating presentation".

The Speaker:

Jonathan McLatchie is a Christian writer, speaker and debater. He holds a Bachelor’s degree (with Honors) in Forensic Biology, a Masters (M.Res) degree in Evolutionary Biology, and a second Master's degree in Medical and Molecular Bioscience. Currently, Jonathan is a PhD student in cell biology. He is a proponent of the scientific theory of intelligent design (ID), about which he has written extensively on Evolution News & Views, and is also involved with the Centre for Intelligent Design UK.

Between 2012 and 2013, he served as an employee Discovery Institute Center for Science & Culture in Seattle, Washington. In addition, Jonathan is also a contributor to various apologetics websites, including and the Christian Apologetics Alliance.
Jonathan has also been interviewed on podcasts and radio shows including "Unbelievable?" on Premier Christian Radio, "Apologetics315","Theology Matters with the Pellews", the "Solid Reasons Morning Show", "Dogma Debate", and Spice FM's Islamic "Eye on the East" program (airing in Tyneside, England). He has also been a featured guest multiple times on ABN’s Trinity channel.

Jonathan has participated in several radio debates with both atheists and Muslims, and has also engaged in public formal debates. As a Christian, a scientist, and an apologist, he strongly believes that beliefs ought to be defensible by rational argument, and that all ideas, without exception, should be placed on the intellectual chopping block for examination and scrutiny.

We start at 7.30pm with news and notices.  Food is served in O'Connells Pub until 6.30pm. There is ample parking outside the pub and we are 5 minutes walk from the bus station, 10 minutes from the Railway Station.  There is a break after the talk followed by a Q & A session.  Entrance is free but donations on the night to help pay for the speakers expenses would be much appreciated.