Tom Dugmore

Thursday, September 1 2016 at 7:30PM

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29-41 Bedford Street,

Tom Dugmore

What's the talk about?

For decades crude oil has been the feedstock source of choice for our society.

Many things from fuels, plastics, cosmetics and clothing fabrics can all be derived at some point from crude oil.  However with dwindling reserves, political insecurity in oil-producing regions and increasing concern over the environmental impact of crude oil utilisation an alternative, more sustainable feedstock is clearly needed.

This talk will explore the difference between "renewable" and "sustainable" and look to the use of our waste products from food processing to provide an alternative source for our fuels and beyond.

Dr Tom Dugmore is a Training, Education & Networks Associate at the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence  at the University of York.

Dr Dugmore carried out his MChem in Chemistry, Resources and the Environment at the University of York, graduating in 2006.