Denis McEoin

Thursday, February 2 2017 at 7:30PM

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29-41 Bedford Street,

Denis McEoin

What's the talk about?

Denis McEoin states:

"The talk will argue that scientific evidence for homeopathy is at an increasingly high level, with more than one Nobel Prize-winning scientist researching and confirming its usefulness and scientific basis.

This will be in a context that argues for the existence of bias and prejudice in many parts of the scientific and medical establishments. He will approach this as a pro-science rationalist and will draw in part on his own extensive academic experience studying religious fundamentalism.

Denis comes from a long career in scepticism, but one in which he is not merely sceptical about religious and supernatural claims, but also sceptical of the actual practice of science (something well demonstrated by Kuhn’s theory of paradigm shifts, in which established scientists reject new ideas that do not conform to their own understanding).

Denis will also refer to Harry Collins’s direct observations of the problem of replication in science, as set out in his classic text, Changing Order".

Denis was born in Belfast in 1949. MA in English, Trinity College, Dublin (1971); MA (1st class) in Persian, Arabic and Islamic History, Edinburgh University (1975); PhD in Persian Studies, Cambridge, King’s College (1979).
He taught Arabic-English translation at Mohammed V University, Fez, Morocco. Taught Arabic and Islamic Studies, Newcastle University; Hon orally Fellow, Centre for Middle East and Islamic Studies, Durham University; editor of the Middle East Quarterly (Philadelphia); Distinguished Senior Fellow, the Gatestone Institute, New York; council member of Scholars for Peace in there Middle East; member of Middle East Study Group, Hull University.
Denis is an author of 40 books and hundreds of articles. I won’t bore you with my interests in music, literature, or film. He was at one point Chairman of the UK Natural Medicines Society. He is married to a homeopath.