Dr Joanna Large

Thursday, November 3 2016 at 7:30PM

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29-41 Bedford Street,


Dr Joanna Large

What's the talk about?

Teesside University’s Dr Joanna Large explores the consumption of counterfeit fashion within the wider context of the fashion industry and contemporary society. This talk focuses on how fashion consumers interpret and negotiate concerns about issues of harm, crime and victimisation.

Dr Jo Large is a senior lecturer in criminology & sociology at Teesside University. Jo is especially interested in the notion of social harm and how criminologists should think about harmful activities beyond those which are necessarily criminal. Jo’s work so far focuses on the counterfeit fashion industry and the growth of forms of so called ‘ethical’ tourism. Jo is also part of a wider team at Teesside who are working on a large scale investigation of the financing of counterfeiting and its relationship with transnational organised crime.